Information Management Exchange (IMAGE)

Conscientia Group’s Information Management Exchange (IMAGE) software is a critical tool in enabling customers to achieve their desired goals and outcomes by easily compiling, translating and managing data to assess performance. By condensing data into a clear format, customers using IMAGE can quickly perform trend analyses and identify cause-and-effect relationships. Conducting these critical analyses enables IMAGE users to mitigate systemic problems associated with performance, allowing them to assume a proactive approach to their business operations and mitigate impacts that can cause irreparable financial and reputational damages.

Using IMAGE, critical data points are identified, collected and compiled within a software database. By applying Conscientia Group’s IMAGE solution, users have the ability to see a clear picture of their operations and quickly identify missing pieces and incongruities. Key data is captured and collected, oftentimes from remote geographical locations, and entered into the system via an input portal. Information is sorted and presented in visually engaging and informative reports that are accessible via a customer information output dashboard for review and analysis.

IMAGE effectively enables our customers to use data-driven metrics to analyze performance, develop strategies, measure success and optimize corporate intuition. The IMAGE solution can be applied to support businesses operating in nearly every industry.

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