Technology offers empowerment. However, technology is only a tool, and that tool must be accessible and functional if it is to help empower the user. BluLynks does just that in the form of a smart device application that aids members of our law enforcement and security communities by streamlining access to information and enhancing their ability to communicate. Obtaining information from the internet can be overwhelming, and retrieving refined search results is time consuming. For that reason, we have developed BluLynks to package information specifically for use by the law enforcement and security communities.

BluLynks is user-friendly, allowing rapid access to critical information, such as maps or emergency phone numbers, all from a smart phone or other smart device. Automating select location services, such as maps and virtual blueprint features, into a compact solution improves visibility to real-time information and magnifies efficiencies. BluLynks supplements dispatch and command center operations and further helps to automate and streamline operations through a fully secured and encrypted app solution.

Law Enforcement and security is a profession that remains in a continuous state of evolution, always trying to stay one step ahead of those who cannot live by the rules of our society. That evolution gains momentum each day and is impacted by innovation, technology, connectivity, and the criminal’s ability to capitalize on every modern gain. Criminals of today use every form of technology at their disposal to their advantage. Apply technologies of your own to counter their efforts and keep you ahead.

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