We focus on you, so you can focus on your customer

Founded in 2013, Conscientia Group is a technology development, integration and consulting company specializing in advanced software systems to support commercial and government agencies operating in the Aerospace and Defense Industry. Based outside of Washington D.C. in the National Capital Region, with an additional corporate presence in California, Conscientia Group offers critically important thought leadership to identify customer needs and corresponding key solutions. Our team of experienced management professionals have long-standing careers supporting many key markets and industries around the world to include federal and state governments as well as the commercial sector.

Conscientia Group’s systems integrate external and internal intelligence sources and relevant real-time analytics into a comprehensive physical, cyber, and macro risk easy-to-use visualization platform. We are a security technology firm that mines, analyzes, integrates and visualizes data in cybersecurity, social media and geopolitical spheres and combines them coherently into a single dashboard system tailored to our clients’ specific needs. Our holistic approach makes sure that all aspects of potential risks and threats are covered. An early-warning system enables the monitoring of various levels of risk for subtle yet dangerous signs of a worsening condition.