Corporate Social Responsibility

Conscientia Group’s CSR commitment is an extension of who we are as individuals and how we support people and groups to realize their potential.  We care about the people we work with in the business community we operate within, and in the physical communities in which we live. Our CSR is not window dressing. It’s an action-focused commitment to give something back on a sustainable basis. Engaging and supporting those who are ready and preparing to enter the civilian workforce, those being military veterans and young people – our future industry leaders.

Conscientia Group supports Solar Energy International’s (SEI) Solar Professionals Certificate Program (SPCP) that offers outreach educational programs and opportunities for veterans and active-duty military personnel. SEI was selected as the lead training provider during the pilot program for the Department of Energy’s Sunshot Initiative Solar Ready Vets program.  SEI continues to support Solar Ready Vets as an advising and training partner to the program. As an organization, SEI believes in the opportunities that renewable energy can afford our country, such as energy independence and sustainable use of our country’s natural resources.  With that in mind, they also honor those who have served our country and who are choosing to follow up their military service with a new kind of service in the renewable energy sector.

Conscientia Group is a proud contributor to the Sabillasville Elementary School (SES) PTO in Maryland which is responsible for raising money to provide additional learning opportunities for students. Each year the SES PTO coordinates multiple events for students and those in the community. Conscientia Group participates in their charitable causes, donating time and money that is used to help increase student involvement in and appreciation for cultural arts events.

Conscientia Group contributes to the ESP Performing Company Sponsorship. ESP is located in Maryland and heavily promotes the performing arts, offering meaningful instruction related to dance, theater and music. The ESP Performing Company team travels coast to coast offering a valuable opportunity for children and older students to brighten their experience and appreciation for the performing arts.