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Inspired by the way new technologies fundamentally change the way businesses obtain and manage their intelligence, Conscientia Group conceptualizes, develops and integrates software applications to help clients further unlock the benefits of technological progression. We focus on supporting customers within the Aerospace and Defense industry, applying our depth and breadth of experience operating within this marketplace ourselves.  New platforms enable companies to more precisely manage their operations, improve their workflow and, as a result, better leverage their experience and knowledge.

Conscientia Group collaborates with our customers to strategize and identify areas where technologies can support, supplement, or drive efficiencies and optimize performance. We design cutting-edge technologies that eliminate confusing interfaces. We subscribe to the belief that the best interface is no interface. Our technologies are user-friendly, keeping our customers focused on outputs and placing avoidance on confusing input processes.

Our teams of developers are involved throughout every stage of the software development cycle and adhere to a program management principle committed to delivering each tested and proven software application on time, every time. A dedicated Program Manager is assigned to our customer and the project to manage the process from start to finish and ensure intended outcomes even throughout the integration phase.

Leveraging our leadership team’s extensive operational experience and under its innovative guidance, Conscientia Group has developed key software applications to support the Aerospace and Defense Industry. Necessity is said to be the mother of invention, and our team determines a clear need for improving security, quality, accountability, safety, and intelligence gathering and dissemination. Conscientia Group’s solutions to address these needs include Rayvnt, IMAGE, and Bluynks.